WWDC 2020 kicks off today

18. 09. 2020
WWDC 2020 kicks off today

For the first time, WWDC 2020 will be held online. The company intends to make a number of announcements, but unfortunately these are only rumors so far.

The main novelties: iOS 14, WatchOS 7, tvOS 4 and MacOS 10.16


iOS 14 - what's in store for us?


In the source code, we found hints of live wallpapers, which are formed on the basis of a given image. The wallpapers will be divided by default into collections, including "Classic Stripes", "Earth and Moon" and "Flowers" and so on.


Several sources have reported the appearance of widgets that we previously saw in iPadOS. It cannot be ruled out that they will come up with something of their own for the iPhone, some tricky embedding in work screens, and not just an arrangement in a separate menu. But it is quite possible that this is probably not worth waiting for in iOS 14.

Replacement of standard applications

Rumors predict the emergence of the ability to replace system applications. If you don't like Safari, we delete and set another one by default. By the way, Safari will receive a built-in translator about which we wrote earlier.

Fitness app

There are also rumors of a separate fitness app. There will be prepared workouts that will be selected according to the user's requirements and parameters.

Mouse and stylus support

Found a mention of extended mouse support in the system code. Apple is also going to add new cursors and gestures to the system. Safari web pages will receive support for the Apple Pencil.

Preloading applications

One of the key innovations will be the lack of the need to fully download the application. The system will be able to load a stripped-down version of the program for some short actions.

Gobi AR app

IOS 14 comes with an augmented reality app, codenamed Gobi, that lets you scan custom QR codes


Several sources claim that iOS 14 will support the same devices as iOS 13.

And this:

  • iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch (7th generation)


watchOS 7

The main innovation of the operating system for the watch will be the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, however, there is a great risk that this chip will become available only on the sixth version of the watch, which will be presented later.

Also in WatchOS 7 is expected to track sleep quality.

Naturally, there will be new dials. According to the build of iOS 14, we will see dials in the style of flags of different countries.

In addition, the “Infograph Pro” dial with a built-in tachometer will be available to users. Its purpose is to measure speed and distance while driving.



The company is in no hurry to produce its electric car. But in collaboration with BMW, it will present CarKey technology. It is expected that the smartphone will be able to act as an NFC tag that allows you to disarm the car.

Approach your favorite car, it recognizes your phone and allows you to get into the car, everything is simple.

It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to transfer access to the car to a friend or leave the keys at home. We wait.


Over-ear headphones

Apple is confidently holding its position as one of the leaders in the TWS headphones market and it is quite expected that the company will want to expand its presence. It is known that production has already begun and deliveries should begin just in June-July.

The headset will be able to detect if the headphones are on your head and automatically pause or resume playback based on this condition. It is likely that there will be active noise cancellation and Siri support on board.

The AirPods Studio are rumored to retail for around $ 349.


ARM for Mac

Bloomberg reports that Apple will unveil the first ARM processor for future Mac generations at WWDC. At the conference, Apple will announce a new chip and will also announce the transition from Intel processors to proprietary solutions.

The ARM-based Mac itself will not be shown - its premiere is expected in 2021. This will give developers time to adapt their applications to the new platform.


iMac in a new design

According to insider Sonny Dixon, Apple will update the design of the all-in-one iMac for the first time in 13 years. The computer will be made in the style of iPad Pro or Apple Pro Display XDR.

It is possible that we are waiting for the emergence of a new set-top box Apple TV 4K. Together with her, they can submit a general subscription to all apple services.

And again, analysts talk about the AirTag. Thanks to her, you will no longer have to worry about the location of the keys. The Locator application will see the tag and remind you of the threat of loss when you move your smartphone away from the tag.