About us

The huge popularity of Apple technology among Ukrainians does not cause any doubts, the devices are prestigious and irreproachable in functional and constructive terms. There are many offers on the market, but stores often try to use the increased demand for personal gain. 8 years ago, this led to the emergence of AppleMania stores, inspired by the message “think differently” - the motto of Apple. All this time, we try to listen to the wishes of buyers in order to provide the most comfortable conditions for purchasing gadgets. And the fact that the number of satisfied customers is 50,000+ speaks for the advantage of this approach.


Low prices

The main development policy of our chain of stores is loyal pricing. We try to offer the lowest prices to attract a large audience of Apple technology fans. For 8 years of work, AppleMania has managed to acquire regular customers not only in Kharkov, where physical stores are located, but throughout Ukraine.

Honest and quality service

The fact that our prices are much lower than our competitors often leads to distrust of new customers. AppleMania values very much its reputation, which it has won over a long time through the hard work of its employees. This is evidenced by the grateful reviews of our customers, the availability of a guarantee, a system of discounts for regular customers. Our staff is always happy to provide a free consultation.

New and used equipment

We really love Apple technology, so we try to offer you all the new items as quickly as possible and at the lowest price. But this does not prevent you from respecting old devices, even used ones. A wide range of used equipment, which you can find on our website, allows you to purchase a gadget even cheaper. Our masters carefully examine the received copies, so you can be sure of the quality of any device!

Service and warranty

Так как жизнь преподносит разные ситуации, не всегда бывает возможность сохранить свой любимый девайс в идеальном состоянии. В этом случае на помощь приходит наш сервис. Квалифицированные мастера занимаются ремонтом техники на профессиональном уровне, поэтому смогут решить практически любую задачу. Ценовая политика нашей компании распространяется и на этот аспект, так что вам не придется тратить огромные суммы, чтобы подарить своему гаджету новую жизнь. Если причиной поломки устройства станет заводской брак, на помощь придет гарантия. Подробно о ее условиях вам расскажут наши консультанты.

Stay up to date

Along with physical stores, there is an online store where you can place an order for the device you like. To keep abreast of new products, consider the device you need in high-quality photos, participate in contests and easily ask your questions, subscribe to our Instagram. You can also contact us via online chat or call us by phone. AppleMania is always happy to provide you with the opportunity to buy equipment and accessories at the lowest prices!