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Lightweight and ergonomic, productive and stylish - this is how Apple computers can be characterized. The progenitor of modern versions in the 80s became the first mass personal computer. And since then, this company has constantly become an innovator in the field and excelled competitors in all activities. We owe the graphical interface to Apple, as well as the popularization of the computer mouse.

A necessary and comfortable purchase

Professional programmers, musicians and executives want to buy a MacBook or Mac for their business, regardless of the cost. They know about the Apple ecosystem, about the phenomenal protection against viruses and hacks, about the absence of brakes and freezes, and the ease of operating system management.

There are three types of computer devices:

  • MacBook;
  • iMac;
  • Mac Mini.

You can buy an Apple laptop inexpensively by contacting us. The personal computer and its miniature version will also please with low prices (relative to the average on the market). Only a new product or a used device - any product will be original and with a guarantee. In AppleMania, you can get a loan (interest-free installments). Also, our stores in Kharkov are open - everything so that you can purchase the device you need at the best price without worry.

Apple laptop

Famous devices are called MacBooks. They form an ecosystem with the rest of Apple devices - that is, they can quickly and easily exchange data with them, share the same headset and work in pairs.

Like other equipment, they are divided into budget and professional categories:

  • MacBook Air;
  • MacBook Pro.

Depending on the required technical characteristics, a choice is made in favor of one or another device.

"Air" computer

MacBook Air - budget models with a 13-inch screen. Their performance is enough for office work, Internet surfing, in general, this Apple laptop can easily cope with the tasks of an ordinary user. Moreover, for watching movies and listening to music, improved speakers and a Retina display are ideal. MacBook Air is a great home theater, lightweight and thin, so it's easy to carry with you wherever you go.

For the same reason, office workers prefer this particular device - moving around with a 1.2-kilogram device every day is not difficult.

Intel Corp i3 and Core i5 processors are multitasking and powerful. They will even allow you to play your favorite games without brakes and freezes.

The following memory configurations are available:

128 GB;

256 GB;

512 GB.

And this with 8 GB of RAM.

These Apple laptops are sold in three colors: gold, silver and space gray.

As a result, this MacBook is a good work machine for undemanding users.

Apple Professional Laptops

MacBook Pro is a technique for programmers, bloggers. And also for people associated with graphics, video editing, 3D graphics and modeling. Those who make good money on creativity or IT profession. Powerful Apple laptops with progressive Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

A distinctive feature of this technique is the Touch Bar. It's a touchscreen control panel above the keyboard that adjusts the controls to match the running program. Very handy for video editing and software development.

The choice of screen diagonal is more varied here:

13' - compact models with reduced performance;

15' and 16' are top models with powerful processors and large amounts of memory.

Depending on this parameter, the capabilities of the battery are determined (for a 16-inch model, the battery lasts up to 9 hours) and the choice of RAM (8, 16, 32 GB) and drive memory will open:

  • 128 GB;
  • 256 GB;
  • 512 GB;
  • 1 TB.

Two colors available: silver and space gray.

Of course, Apple laptops can be customized, improved, and expanded. And the MacBook Pro will work out its price, and will also last up to ten years if handled carefully.

Apple Computers

Apple's path began with personal computers. It would be strange if they stopped their development on this path.

Then the Macintosh, and now the Mac in short, stationary machines designed, like Apple laptops, for creativity and programming.

iMac - for working comfortably

Basically, the Mac's purpose is the same as that of laptops. The difference is that they are bigger, more powerful, more productive. If you put new models next to the ancestors of their distant 80s, their sophistication, futurism and simplicity will catch your eye.

The 21.5 and 27-inch Retina thin screens can support not only 4K resolution, but also 5K. High-precision color reproduction is pleasing to the eye and produces realistic images.

Standard storage capacities of 1TB and 2TB are available.


Mac Mini
This is also a stationary PC, only in miniature. It's hard to imagine that. A small box contains the characteristics of a standard computer.

Intel Core i3 processor (and 256GB storage) or Core i5 (and 512GB storage).

4 Thunderbolt 3 ports allow you to quickly exchange data, connect monitors and devices.

The Mac Mini is good for both application testing and graphics. For the needs of the average user, the capabilities of a miniature computer are enough for the head. And since the development was done by Apple, the case looks stylish and minimalist. It's much nicer to put it on your desk instead of a bulky power supply.