• 9 years on the market, 50,000+ satisfied customers
  • Favorable prices for tech, service and accessories
  • Only original Apple technic
  • 3 stores in the center of Kharkov
  • An assortment of proven used technical with a 6-month warranty
  • Unique customization service for AirPods by jeweler


  1. Sku: MWLF2-US Apple iPhone 11 128Gb White (MWLF2)
  2. Sku: MWTL2 Apple MacBook Air 13 256Gb 2020 Gold (MWTL2)
  3. Sku: MY232 iPad Pro 11 2020 Wi-Fi 128GB Space Gray (MY232)


  1. Sku: MY5H2 Apple HomePod Mini White (MY5H2)
  2. Sku: CP.OS.00000146.01 DJI Pocket 2
  3. Sku: PS-5-1TB Sony PlayStation 5 White 1 Tb

Our Clients

Apple Mania

Nowadays, the world is evolving so rapidly, and we can hardly catch up. That is why we want to equip ourselves with better phones and top-notch technologies that make our lives easier. In such a way, we strive to raise our prestige in society.

Apple has changed the world of smartphones forever

Apple products meet the requirements of the most sophisticated consumers. And in AppleMania, we know it very well. On our part, we seek to provide Kharkiv, and even the whole Ukraine, with a bright and complete range of Apple products at affordable prices.

The whole planet loves the gadgets made by this company. That is why the choice of a new smartphone becomes incredibly easy. If you need a mobile phone, you should buy an iPhone. Our catalog provides a wide range of models to choose the perfect one for you, in terms of price and configuration. 

It was Apple that released the first smartphone as we used to see them. Therefore, mobile technologies, well-thought-out design, convenient operating system — all this Apple technology got first. And its development is not going to stop.

Our store makes the best wireless headphones — affordable. Other companies have no chance against AirPods.

Need a laptop? We have MacBooks to suit all tastes. These gadgets are productive yet lightweight and ergonomic. They are perfect for work and creativity, making the most pleasure out of it.

You don’t have to buy a laptop at all. A powerful and portable iPad can easily deal with all of your tasks — without overpayment! And it’s really handy to carry a potent, yet compact gadget with you.

All Apple products in our shop are only original. Our online store always provides up-to-date information. 

Here you can:

  • check the availability of a particular model;

  • see a real specification of a used smartphone;

  • select additional gadgets (for example, Apple Watch);

  • find any accessories for your iPhone, iPad, and many other devices.

We often provide tempting discounts on our products, though you can always find the best deal in our store.