Apple Watch Series 3

The watch is a stylish accessory that has not gone out of fashion since the 17th century. Surprisingly, they are considered an indicator of status, a necessary gizmo and functional decoration to this day. Only now progressive and business people increasingly prefer smartwatches to mechanical and electronic ones. After all, they show much more than just the time and days. The most sophisticated, technological and complete are the Apple Watch. It's hard to find a device that surpasses Apple's watch.

Who needs Apple Watch and why

As soon as the thought of buying a smart watch arises, you should decide what they are for and whether it is worth spending money on it. Unfortunately, the answer to this question can never be called objective. Those iPhone users who have never owned a smart accessory do not yet know how much more comfortable life will become after purchase. Therefore, the answer to the question whether to buy an Apple Watch is simple: definitely worth it.

Comfortable silence

Many people these days leave their iPhones in quiet mode for months. Firstly, so that it does not play at the wrong time, and secondly, sometimes there are so many notifications that it is impossible to endure their trills all the time. In this case, it is very easy to miss an important call or urgent message, leaving the phone for a while.

Sport mode

Apple cares about the health of users, so they made their Apple Watch a real assistant for athletes and lovers of an active lifestyle. They know almost all sports and know how to do it right. Apple smartwatches will measure everything. Indicate your goals, and the accessory will try to help you achieve them, motivating and informing about the path traveled.

Apple hasn't forgotten about people in wheelchairs: there are two types of training in a special mode. And in iOS 14, even dancing began to be considered a sport!

All indicators can be checked directly during exercise. And even in the pool - moisture resistance allows.

Health control

Apple Watch monitors and helps maintain your health:

During the day, the heart rate is monitored and allowed to monitor its change.

They report a dangerous increase and decrease in heart rate, arrhythmia.

They can record a sudden fall of a person and, if a special notification is ignored, call an ambulance or signal the danger to a trusted person by sending him a geolocation.

With the right apps, you can help you diet and count calories.

If you are taking medication, you will be reminded to take the pill on time.

Apple watches listen to noise levels and warn when they become harmful to your hearing. In addition, if you are a fan of breathing practices, the accessory will help with this: just bring the device to your face and breathe to reduce the stress level, the watch will help you do everything in a measured and correct way.

Sweet Dreams

When you run out of schedule and don't get enough sleep, ask Apple Watch for help. The watch is able to remind you when to go to bed, will help you wake up without the morning shock. All night long, they will count their heart rate, measuring sleep cycles, and even warn of a nightmare in statistics. Smart watches will help you get into the right sleep phases so that you feel vigorous in the morning and not overwhelmed. If you do not need to get up at a specific time, the smart alarm will wake you up at the right time so that your body is in good shape throughout the day.

But it's also a watch!

The screen does not go out - the time will be visible on the screen all the time. There are hundreds of dials to choose from.

With an Apple Watch, you can ask Siri about something or even have a phone call.

Pay at the store by holding your watch to the terminal - it's more convenient than taking out your iPhone.

Listen to music directly from them - simply because it is possible.

And yes, this is an elite accessory. Apple Watch's price is much lower than that of luxury Swiss watches, but in terms of status, Apple watches are not far behind. Businessman, politician, student - everyone can shine with this accessory.

Which to choose

In addition to the standard Apple Watch series, there are also special ones. Such as the Nike Series (designed for athletes in conjunction with a famous brand) or the elite Gold Edition.

Materials are different:

  • aluminum (standard, classic models);
  • ceramics (sophisticated version);
  • steel (inexpensive and practical);
  • titanium (exclusive, durable, expensive).

There are no divisions into watches for women and men: each version will find a response in the heart according to individual taste. Choose your favorite strap shade and favorite case color:

  • gold;
  • white;
  • silver;
  • gray space;
  • black space.

The size of the screen is usually selected based on the volume of the wrist: the thinner the hand, the smaller the display you need to take if you do not want the watch to look bulky.


Should you buy AppleWatch? Yes of course. It is not only a stylish accessory, functional watch, but also a real companion in life, a devoted assistant.

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