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Times are changing, and what once seemed a luxury and excess is now becoming irreplaceable. For example, a tablet. Previously, its existence was aimless. Until the first iPad came along and it revolutionized the entire industry.

The multifunctional device was appreciated by everyone.

This is not just a phone with a large screen, but an independent indispensable gadget that can become an alternative to most home appliances:

  • TV;
  • laptop;
  • smartphone;
  • musical portable speaker;
  • graphics tablet.

And the cost of the iPad is very nice - some models can be bought cheaper than the iPhone.

Who needs to buy an Apple tablet?

Artists admit that it is very convenient to draw on it if you buy an Apple Pencil - the tablet will allow you not only to complete the picture, but also to edit, correct, share at any time, and on any of the connected devices.

It is much more convenient for office workers to carry the lightest, thinnest iPad than a heavy laptop, especially since it can perform all the same functions. Just buy an additional keyboard and your work will be much more comfortable.

Photo editing, design, work with music and video - the performance of this technique is enough for any task.

Even the usual viewing of films and TV shows before bed will become more convenient on the large screen of the tablet, and it will also save your eyesight.

One of a kind

The iPad has not yet been replicated by any of the companies. A powerful processor allows the tablet to work without errors and brakes even with many applications at the same time. Modern games with crazy graphics will not be a problem for him either. The screen gives a gorgeous picture, responds to touch as smoothly as only Apple technology can. If in the first generation the devices looked more like a smartphone, now the company is developing them into a full-fledged replacement for laptops.

Sounds good!

The speakers are smartly arranged and positioned. This is important because many people watch TV shows and listen to music on the tablet. The iPad boasts excellent sound quality. If you buy a version with 4G LTE, then you can take it instead of a portable speaker even outdoors - the Internet will allow you to find your favorite track, and the speakers will be able to play it loudly enough. The Pro version has speakers from Dolby Vision and Atmos, renowned for balanced sound. All models can be configured programmatically - the equalizer and other nuances are available to any user.

Guarantee, credit and other benefits

Everything is great in AppleMania: the price of any iPad will turn out to be very low, and there is an opportunity to buy in installments (we have a pretty good loan). There is both a new lineup and a sufficient number of used equipment.

You will get the official guarantee from Apple for free by right, but if you do not want to independently send the device to an official store abroad and wait a long time for the company's decision, you can entrust it to us. To do this, you just need to buy our special warranty (it is not expensive) - and not worry about the integrity of the iPad.