iPhone 11 Pro Max

A new, attractive, surprised before admiration smartphone from Apple has conquered the mobile technology market since its inception. iPhone 11 Pro Max along with the younger model Proved something amazing and innovative.

The smartphones came in three configurations:

  • 64 GB is the minimum volume for budget users;
  • 256 GB - intermediate option;
  • 512 GB is the oldest and most expensive model.

Why this line has such large amounts of memory is easy to guess at first glance at the device's case. From there, three cameras look at the owner at once, photos and videos of incredible quality.

IPhone 11 Pro Max Package
Buying the original iPhone 11 Pro Max, you will receive standard Apple equipment: a power supply and lightning cord, wired EarPods, documentation and stickers.

But since the phone is equipped with the loud-sounding Pro box, is the flagship and the most expensive model in the lineup, there are nice nuances that Apple took care of. The power supply unit here is not ordinary, it is fast charging 9 V 2 A. The same is supplied with the iPad Pro. And instead of a USB connector, the unit houses USB-C, therefore, the lightning is freely connected to the MacBook for recharging and data transfer. If such a package seems incomplete, the AppleMania online store offers you a set of additional accessories and Apple technology. We sell covers for iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can buy them inexpensively, and we will also help with gluing protective glass. The cost of the smartphone itself is quite low, purchase by installments is available (interest-based credit is possible). We only have original Apple equipment, make sure of this personally by ordering delivery to the cities of Ukraine or visiting stores in the city of Kharkov:

  • St. Sumskaya 1;
  • st. Sumskaya 47;
  • Nauki av. 7B (TC Prisma).

We are delighted to provide you with modern, honest service.


iPhone 11 Pro Max or Pro?
The new items are similar, but still differ in three dimensions:

  • Battery life (the eleventh iPhone Pro Max works an hour longer than the younger model). This is 5 and 4 hours longer than the Xs;
  • Display (5.8 inches with a resolution of 2436 × 1125 for the Pro, 6.5 inches and 2688 × 1242 for the ProMax), and therefore the dimensions. The older model is much larger and heavier;
  • Price. Pro Max will cost more, which is, of course, on purpose, given the previous two factors.

When choosing, be guided by the main factor: size. Some people like bigger phones with large screens, others prefer the device to fit in a pocket. The rest of the flagships are identical.

The future is near
The appearance of the iPhone always plays a major role; Apple develops the design and system carefully.

The company knows a lot about innovation. On the back of the case is a square module with three cameras and a flash. This design looks futuristic, at one glance at the body of the smartphone it becomes clear what kind of model it is.

Strength and beauty
iPhone 11 Pro Max is crafted from stainless steel and polished matte glass. This provides it not only with amazing slipperiness. Now the smartphone is more pleasant to hold in hand.

The glasses (front and back) are tough, and the company claims that every molecule is reinforced. Therefore, the new iPhone 11 Pro Max will not be damaged by scratches or chips. Like previous frameless models, it is not afraid of water.

Four noble colors
An expensive phone should have a rich color. Therefore, Apple did not abandon its already beloved gold, silver and space gray.

But since the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a premium device, it was decided to add another shade that ultimately eclipsed everyone else in holders. This is Midnight Green - a dark green that attracts attention and mesmerizes with its luxurious beauty. Such a phone really looks expensive, stylish and unique.

Oh, what a camera!
At the mention of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a module of three cameras immediately comes to mind, because it declares itself from the showcase with its extravagant appearance. And it is good, it is understandable why the new iPhone has attracted travel bloggers, Instagram models and even photographers.

"Third eye" iPhone 11 Pro Max
Three cameras, each with a different role:

  • wide-angle (12 megapixels, stabilization, six-element lens, FocuscPixels);
  • ultra wide-angle (12 megapixels, 120 degrees of viewing angle, five-element lens);
  • telephoto lens (six lenses, 12 megapixels).

Together they increase the zoom capabilities and, most importantly, quadruple the frame! A skyscraper, a landmark, or maybe a wedding photo with all the guests - much more will fit into this shot than was possible before. These are panoramic photos without image distortion.

New art
The beauty of photographs is due not only to the three advanced cameras, but also to the software part. What will be available if you buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max: Night mode. Artificial intelligence masterfully processes a photo taken at night. Even without a flash, you can make the frame the way the human eye sees it.

Light tonality. Get studio quality black and white photos. Smart HDR - iPhone 11 Pro Max himself understands where the main object is in the photo, and where is the background, and adjusts the image in accordance with the specified parameters. 4K 60fps video recording. Improved detail, cinematic stabilization. The front camera is now 12 megapixels, shoots videos in 4k, and also apply a slow-mo effect.

The processor is out of competition
A13 Bionic is 20% more powerful than the previous version. It supports the operation of three cameras, allows you to use multiple applications at the same time, withstands the load of top games. The processor is designed to work with machine learning, so, probably, its power may not be useful in everyday life.