iPhone Xs

Time-honored design, improved performance, hardened body and impressive cameras. The iPhone XS and XS Max are an elegant follow-up to the acclaimed and admired Top 10 users. It should be mentioned right away that the junior and senior models differ only in the size of the case, display (5.8 "versus 6.5", respectively) and battery capacity (I was able to insert a large battery into the iPhone X C Max due to the suitable size, the difference is about an hour ). Fans of large phones should buy the iPhone Xs Max, fans of miniature lightweight solutions - the iPhone XS.


IPhone XS package contents

Standard set:

  • Lightning cable;
  • power supply 5 V 1 A;
  • EarPods headphones, also with lightning connection;
  • leaflets and stickers.

This time, users no longer put a mini-jack adapter in the box, which Apple abandoned for the 7th. But what if standard headphones do not fit, and wireless ones are confused by the price?

Firstly, in AppleMania stores, you can even buy AirPods inexpensively.

Secondly, here you can buy all the necessary adapters and accessories, and their cost will be low. Cases for iPhone X S are not a problem, the assortment is extensive enough to satisfy any user needs.

Thirdly, you can buy iPhone Xs in installments (interest-free credit) quickly and online.

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IPhone XS Configurations

Speaking about the configuration, we must not forget about the difference in the models sold. Both the major and minor versions are available with the following memory sizes:

  • 64 GB;
  • 256 GB;
  • 512 GB.

Apple abandoned the 128GB volume in the previous version, apparently considering it too average.


Colors are not new

Body shades are classic, traced through the entire history of Apple technology. The predecessor to the iPhone XS comes in just two colors: Silver and Space Gray. The newer and more expensive iPhone also received the Gold color, which allowed the iPhone X S to look rich and luxurious. Plus, this shade helps to immediately distinguish which particular smartphone is in the owner's hands.


"Pumped" case

The case is made of surgical steel and tempered glass, which is the most durable when compared to other smartphones. The metal undergoes a special painting by direct vapor condensation, so the frames shine and will not wear off over time.

The glass back is here not only for beauty, but also for the wireless charging function, which is even faster.


New processor and improved Face ID

The A12 processor is even more powerful, faster and more efficient. It promotes energy efficiency, which means it saves battery power. Top games will not only run smoothly, but also several hours longer. The GPU has been enhanced fifty percent.

In the absence of Touch ID, the company continues to develop an alternative. Face ID allows you to unlock your phone with a glance and prevent another person from reading your data without asking.


IPhone XS cameras

Now about the characteristics of True Depth:

  • 12 Megapixels in both;
  • wide-angle lens and telephoto lens (2x zoom), both with f / 1.8 aperture;
  • software change of aperture;
  • bokeh effect;
  • two light capture sensors.


Photos will turn out to be clear and bright, video - in 4K quality and with optical stabilization, as well as for the first time with stereo sound. Portrait lighting now has six options. The front camera shoots 7MP, with flash, cinematic stabilization and even slow-mo.