You cannot live a day without music, it sounds everywhere, and people adore this kind of art. It's hard to imagine a party where popular songs are not played. Therefore, portable speakers are gaining popularity - with their help you can bring the holiday anywhere. Loudspeaker manufacturers are doing everything for the convenience of users: improving water resistance for beach gatherings, strengthening batteries for long meetings, and working on sound. And with the advent of new technologies, they are also endowed with artificial intelligence.

What portable speakers to buy in Kharkov

Acoustics are produced by many companies, but AppleMania is sure that you deserve the best. There is no need to choose between fakes sold on the subway and expensive options. In our stores you can find original JBL, B&O and of course Apple speakers at competitive prices. All equipment is guaranteed.

To buy cheap portable speakers, come to one of our stores. If the cost suits you, but at the moment there is no opportunity to make a purchase, apply for a profitable loan for portable speakers. Hire purchase even happens online.

How to choose portable acoustics

Since the choice is vast, there are several criteria to follow when buying:

  • design;
  • the size;
  • destination.

Each factor plays a significant role.

For walks

Miniature portable speakers fit in the hand, but sound quieter than a bulky device. They are taken on a hike or on a solo walk along the beach, for a picnic. More often they are equipped with a special strap that is worn on the wrist. The main trump card of such a portable speaker system is the price, which is relatively low for such a high-quality sound.

For training

Sports speakers have the size of a water bottle, so they fit well into a bike stand and fit comfortably in the hand. In such acoustic systems, autonomy and moisture resistance are improved.

Some devices, such as those from JBL, are made of rubberized materials and are protected from water, so you can take them with you to your workout in the pool.

For parties

At a noisy event, power and the ability to connect two or more speakers to one device are important, so you need to pay attention to these criteria. Portable acoustics with LEDs will organically fit in, which organizes the light music itself or according to the personal preferences of the owner.

If you are not alien to parties on the beach or near the pool, you should also take care of the waterproofing of the gadget.

For home use

In an average apartment, a strong volume is not needed, but advanced artificial intelligence and voice control, as in Apple devices, are useful. Communication with a voice assistant who will do everything for you simplifies your life: you do not need to constantly go to the speaker or look for a remote control, immediately wash your hands if you are cooking something. Siri understands the commands and, over time, knows what the owner likes.



Whatever the purpose of the speaker system, design plays an important role. The column should not spoil the home interior or the carefully chosen image of the owner. On our website you can buy portable speakers of your choice:

  • Apple HomePods are classic and minimalistic;
  • JBL - bright, noticeable or sporty;
  • Bang and Olufsen concepts come from renowned designers, the speakers are sophisticated and futuristic.

Often this becomes the determining factor of the conclusion, since all the presented manufacturers are known for high-quality acoustics and try to endow it with all possible advantages.

Should you buy portable speakers

Even if you are not a fan of music, you should take a closer look at such a device, because it has many more uses:

  • include podcasts or training;
  • listen to audiobooks or turn on fairy tales if there are children;
  • put on soothing sounds of nature or meditation practices at night;
  • use as a volume amplifier for a computer or phone.

Life without music is possible, but why deny yourself the comfort of information.

Those who cannot imagine a day without their favorite tracks need good acoustics. Sometimes you can wonder how much of what was not heard was left in a song that was listened to through a low-quality speaker.