iPhone Xr

When it comes to the best, most prestigious, reliable and desirable technology, everyone immediately remembers Apple. People want to buy an iPhone for a variety of reasons. Someone wants a durable smartphone that will be relevant even five years later. Someone cares about the status that the company has provided for its products. You can fall in love with these phones for a variety of reasons, from great designs to sophisticated camera modules.

In 2007, it was the iPhone that made the revolution. Apple has transformed mobile technology beyond recognition.

How the iPhone changed the world

The main advantage of any iPhone is a powerful processor. The company tries to improve it in every new model (the way has been passed from the A4 version to the A13 Bionic). Thanks to them, the phone will not slow down, it will cope with the simultaneous operation of many applications, you can play all new games on it, work with graphics and video editors. And the iOS operating system is deservedly considered the most ergonomic, beautiful and convenient.


A new era of smartphone reliability

iPhone is renowned for its reliability and durability - some users have not changed models for five or more years. This is due to the quality of the parts, the perfectly assembled case and the software that allows the smartphone to operate more energy efficiently. The rugged design and enhanced water and dust resistance are considered unique in the world of mobile technology. Numerous crash tests confirm the protection of the latest models from fire and water (and for a long time), and from scratches.

Art, not just photography

Photos taken with iPhone can be recognized at a glance. Camera modules combined with software and post-processing capabilities will create masterpieces, even if you have not taken pictures before. Many models feature 4K shooting, studio lighting and sound recording, and many unique modes. In the right hands, such opportunities will help you create real paintings, indistinguishable from glossy magazine photos. If the first iPhones had only one camera, then the number increased to two or even three, and at the same time the function of wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle shooting was added.


AppleMania - customer care

We love iPhones very much, and we want to share this affection with our customers. Therefore, we have developed the best conditions for buying and selling Apple technology.

In order for you to be able to afford as much as possible, we offer to buy a new iPhone on credit and provide quite favorable conditions. Everything can be done online, if you need help - our consultant or a bank employee will provide it immediately. It's a fair system, no hidden overpayments, so it's safe to buy Apple in installments from us.

As for the warranty, we provide both an official (default) and a special one from our store. The duration is 14 days, 1 month or 1 year. We offer this service so that in the event of warranty breakdowns, the user does not need to independently send a broken device abroad to an official store. Our managers will do it for you through well-functioning channels.